You are currently viewing Shabdakunja English New Year Issue Bunches poetry of New Year By Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Shabdakunja English New Year Issue Bunches poetry of New Year By Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Shabdakunja Englsih New Year Issues:
Buches poetry of New Year
By Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Shabdakunja English New Year Issue

Bunches poetry of New Year


A Bunch of Recent Poetry

By Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah



Lucifer Soul


In a subjective predication 

I denote it to an inherent sin

Howling of Freud In the lap of lust,

Lustful ethics animates the alleys

Of sensation

A corporeal passion revolves

Around the manly mind.


One-eyed theorist of Freudian community

Wants the satiation of polygamous variety,

His subconscious mind frequently quests

A so called love solely lustful

Since corporeality rears the lascivious virus

Of his Lucifer soul.


Lucifer walks on the way corporeally delicate,

While the whole entity is left just incomplete.



 Artistic Lucifer


Simplicity is not an ignorance 

Or a limitation

Rather it is a majesty

Truly a modesty

Like a God. 


Keeping in the dark 

Considering one ignorant

Covering a selfish face 

With lucid and luscious tongue

In fact, it is a knavery,

Like a Lucifer.


The mask of gentility wears 

The artful Lucifer,

Art is the overt mean 

Of this unfair profiteer. 



 A Puppet World


Roaring in the sky!

Bombing on the land!!

The Arabians viewing thunders

And hearing its roaring

Just like a natural occurrence.


Passing peaceful days

With normal activities

As if normal randomly bomb-blast

At Ghaza.

Firing hospitals, schools, homes

Mosques and public buildings.

Brutally killing children, women

And, innocent unarmed people!

Running absolutely a genocide!

Seems all of the global leaders

Enjoying Hollywood war movie

As the Arabian enjoy Arabian nights!


Composed a human tragedy

By the western mastermind 

Truly one eyed loud speaker 

Of human rights and world peace,

Patronize the barbaric occupation.


What a shame! What a tragedy!

Still sleeping the puppet world

In air condition,

Enjoying Arabian nights, and

Dreaming for a fairytale solution! 



 A Humanist Tale


Driven by a stormy wind, a pigeon

Landed to a different island alone,

All the native pigeons of the region

Attacked her as she had no crown.

Suddenly a wise pigeon cried out

“Why do you beat it, an innocent?

They said,

“It’s a stranger, different all-out!”

He said,

“No! It’s similar to our genetic content.

Be only a bird but a crown or color,

Have a war-free world lively for ever.



A Draft for a World Conference!


Flowers, birds and animals

Rivers, hills and forests,

Poets, writers and artists

philosophers, teachers 

And scientists

All are well-united.


Strongly decided all the birds

Not to fly more in the sky

Will be thrown like Ababil birds

Into the fleet of modern Abraha.


Standstill flowers in their decision

Not to bloom in any garden

Will be a blast like an atom bomb

On the dinner table 

Of the capitalist diplomats.


Symbolic poetry sloughs off

And come out loudly

On the current issues 

Voicing loud anti-war slogan 

Only for a livable world.


United all spiritual philosophers

Activate a pragmatic Romanticism

For an ethical postmodern world

To be ruined Epicurism

And chess playing technique

Of superpowers

And their capitalist diplomacy.


Prepared a postmodern declaration 

A context of human globalization

A poem for a peaceful world.




[Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah (56), a globally published, awarded and translated world renowned poet, essayist, story writer, critic, editor, translator and literary speaker, jury, aesthete, philosopher, ambassador and global poetry, humanity and world-peace promoter from Bangladesh. He is the president of world biggest administrative literary platform ‘Poetry and Literature World Vision’. He is often published in almost all world class print and electronic anthologies, magazines, journals, newspapers and participated in world conferences, festivals and recitals etc. He is translated and published in 40 over languages in the world. His published books are so far 19. The last one is ‘Philosophic Discourse of Poetry and Art’ published by Prodigy Published, USA available on Amazon. He is now involved in publishing his world project ‘World Contemporary Poets Vol. 2.]

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