You are currently viewing Shabdakunja English New Year Issues. Bunches poetry of New year. Poems by Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Shabdakunja English New Year Issues. Bunches poetry of New year. Poems by Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Shabdakunja English New Year Issues:
Bunches Poetry of New Year

Poems by Mahfuz Al-Hossain

Shabdakunja English New Year Issue

Bunches poetry of New Year






Wise winter knows it very well 

how strong autumn’s influences on mother nature.

That’s why she is very much shy of coming 

for a prolonged stay with us as scheduled;

And keeps her vulture eyes on stocks 

and delivery of woolen rugs, suitings and pullover.

Due to soothing air street dwellers’ season- long 

camp-fire cum veggie- BBQ parties ridiculed.

Coffee workers are enjoying nowadays

their double rated wage benefits for extra hours.

Non-stop quizzes and tests 

are welcome for long Christmas -new year break.

Resort guys are busy in making 

convertible beds for incoming honey-mooners;

And we’re yet to ready for welcoming you dear winter,

for a pair of meaty hand glove’s sake.




Each pain that drizzles out onto this alien earth plane-

Had an invasive plan to be grown as a chromatic flower

causing fatal attractions  or a monstrous monsoon hurricane .

Sometimes it takes a grotesque name-

Replaced frequently with relational change;

Sometimes spreading odd odors,

Sometimes fragrance.

Very often It takes shelter inside within you-

or beside your windowpane;

You don’t think of ignoring its ghostly existence-

being a fuzzy-logic human or an altruistic insane .




I am saving few more dew drops in a crystal glass jar

for washing your feeble fragile feet

I am posting some surreal snapshots to make

your adorable adolescent album complete

I am tired of milking some nectarines

from your passive paragraphs of rosy refusal

I am getting crazy -cool and partying nonstop

to celebrate your blissful betrayal




At this scorching heat of oven -baked humidity

Drizzles of late September can bring tranquility

Sugar-coated email sent for minty airs to come

No glittering drops as yet from dews of autumn

Think for a while why they’re showing reluctance 

Don’t be dogmatic in approaching that defiance

Ain’t our fault racing towards glam nothingness

Time is running out to make a climatic confess….




Once I issued you 

a blank cheque letting you

Strolling into my 

marshmallow melancholic mood

Since then you’re applying 

apocalyptic Boolean algebra

Toying with its volatile variables virtually

Your psychedelic bredcrumbing and benching

Enveloping around everything 

within my lackluster left hemisphere

Imprinting extraterrestrial emoticons 

from your rhapsody repository of trapshooting tyrannies


© Mahfuz Al-Hossain*

Amina’s Pearl, Mirpur, Dhaka


* Internationally reputed Bilingual poet, Essayist, Literary critic and Translator based on Dhaka ; Associate Editor of ‘Shaluk’ ; Editorial board member: ‘Litinfinite’,  Kolkata, India; Admin. of global literary groups : ‘Poetry and Literature World Vision’ & ‘ETERNORAMA’; Working for National University, Bangladesh as Registrar. Email:

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