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Shabdakunja Eid Issues. English Poem

Shabdakunja Eid Issues

English Poem

Shabdakunja Eid Issues

English Poem


I Hear A Sound

By Alam Mahbub

I hear a sound —

The sound is coming from far away

The sound is coming from very deep.

The sound is raising up of the hands

The sound is a collectively feet.

The sound is the rustle of falling leaves —

The sound is a promise of a new dream.

The sound is like the sound of a river’s wave,

The sound is like a gust of winds.

The sound is coming in flames —

The sound is coming with the sound of thunder.

The sound is coming up the stairs –

The sound is coming from deep in the chest.

It’s the sound of a fog breaking —

It’s the sound of breaking the frozen ice of a miserable black night.

The sound is the sound of the mountain collapsing —

The sound is the sound to destroy everything.

The sound is the sound of liberation—

And the sound is a blind sound.


(Mymensingh, Bangladesh)


My Thinkings are

By Anjali De Nandi MOM


At the evening of the spring,

I sit on my roof and sing.

The crazy air is my friend.

The stars are my inspiration.

The sky has no end.

The darkness of night is amazing creation.

I don’t know it –

Who is it’s creator, who?

I feel it’s depth 

With my every heartbeat.

It’s strong too!

It’s has true faith.

On the roof, in the darkness,

Now I am a singer.

My thinking are countless.

Though they are too far,

Yet all are related with the stars.

My singing is unthinkable.

My feelings are untouchable.

My left ring finger,

It’s adorned by diamond ring.

It’s with diamonds, fifty three.

My darling brings it, on season-king.

From the foreign country,

And he gifts me – with love, which is pure,

Which is unconditional.

I am singing and touching my ring.

My mind is very emotional.

I am always with my crazy thinkings.

These thinkings are directions 

Of my ultimation, of my destination.


(West Bengal, India)



By Debajit Mukherjee


You are lost in oblivion forever,

We will never meet anymore together,

My futile love lost all faith and trust,

But I still  recall you stumbling in the past.


Have I left any impression in your mind?

I do not know but still confined 

In you, but not got your reply.

Your silence has told me goodbye.


(West Bengal, India)


Season full to month

By Sumi Das


Spring season is very hot day by day..

Fruits king is mango so healthy &tasty.


Summer season are rainfall then clay..

Players are so happy beautiful to play.


Autumn is uncommon feelings every day..

Durga puja festival this month very enjoy every way.


And last winter is mist drops are so cool.

Every flowers this season is so wonderful. 


This month’s sweets & coconut are very useful…

So seasonal months are most beautiful. 



(Assam, India)

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