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Shabdakunja Eid Issues-2024. Flash Fiction The Two Pratik Mitra

Shabdakunja Eid Issues-2024

Flash Fiction: The Two
Pratik Mitra

Flash Fiction


The Two

Pratik Mitra



He suddenly realized he forgot to use the deodorant spray. He knew himself his own body better. Even couple of scrubbing with sandal soap won’t be enough to take the stinking smell off thanks to his hairy torso that would just love to sweat profusely. It was not a date. Still a girl is a girl. The one he would be meeting used to be his colleague, boss so to say for couple of days. She joined his company with a higher pay but soon to move to another one. He got a glimpse of her couple of times, attended a meeting under her leadership once but that was all. He was told about her a lot of spicy stuffs which he believed were  rumours mostly. What amazed him how she could manage to get involved in multiple relationships with such a caustic personality and yucky looks. She would be meeting him again tonight. Reason though not professional was still unclear. She and him happened to find a common friend. A girl whom he used to be in love with for a while. It remained unreciprocated till he got overburdened with the first blow of unemployment when he got sacked in spite of performing well. His ex-boss turned out have taken a bit interest on that girl. She might need some info on her. Initially he thought of not turning up for sharing info about her would mean his foolish infatuation too that too in front of a girl whom he hardly knew except on a professional terms.  Then he changed his mind. He felt a kind of curiosity to meet her just to see how she had shaped her career, life too. What he didn’t realize that she could undergo such a make-over in terms of looks. Alas she had taken interest in a girl. They chatted ate and drank. She recognized the deodorant brand he was using. He wondered whether it was one of her advances for she wanted to give him a ride. He refused. It was time to part. Before he mentioned how pretty she was looking she told him that the girl knew about his love for her. She used to relish about it so much. Now she wanted to trap her. She’s convinced. No terms with her.  He thought why he should have avoided the meeting. Even his ex-boss seemed to be so predictable.




Pratik Mitra is a teacher by profession and a writer by vocation. His works both in English and Bengali have been published in number of magazines. He resides in Konnagar, India. He is fond of reading, watching films. 

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